Santa Brought Me A Savage: A Complete Novel


The Bakers are back for Christmas, but will their holidays be filled with cheer, when trouble from their past returns with a vengeance??

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DeMarri and Denim has returned, and things between them have been on edge since the shooting. When DeMarri finds out that Denim is possibly carrying another man’s child, he gives her an unbelievable ultimatum. Will she fold under his pressure? Or, will their relationship continue to crumble, because she goes against his wishes?

Chance and Dior has been struggling with the loss of their son, Carson. With Dior being forced to move on with her life, will she lose Chance’s trust, and leave her for good?

Jas and Dakota have been through enough. Jas becomes adamant on her belief that Dakota had found another, but his motive is everything but. With Bree still wreaking havoc on him from the grave, will it be too much for him to handle? Or, will his wife hold him down as she’s always done?

The cast of, Loving the Wrong Thug, Spawns of a Thug, and Ain’t no Nigga like the One I️ Got, comes together for Christmas. Will things be Merry? Or, will trouble come knocking at their door?


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