Author: Richard Haight

Richard L. Haight is an instructor of meditation, healing, and martial arts, and he is the author of The Unbound Soul: A Spiritual Memoir for Personal Transformation and Enlightenment. He began his path of awakening at age eight when he made a solemn promisein a vision to dedicate his life to enlightenment and to share what hefound with the world. He took his first steps towards that promise atage 12 when he began formal martial arts training. At the age of 24, Richard moved to Japan to advance his training with masters of thesword, staff, and jujutsu. During his 15 years living in Japan, Richardwas awarded masters licenses in four samurai arts as well as atraditional healing art called Sotai-ho. Throughout his life,Richard has had a series of profound visions that have ultimately guided him to the realization of the Oneness that the ancient spiritualteachers often spoke of. This understanding ultimately transformed thearts that he teaches and has resulted in the writing of The Unbound Soul. Through his new book The Unbound Soul, his meditation and martial arts seminar, Richard Haight is helping toignite a worldwide spiritual awakening that is free of all constraintsand open to anyone of any level. Richard Haight explains, "Truespiritual enlightenment embraces all of life with deep aliveness,authenticity, innocence, and authority. It is what you are trulyseeking."

The Unbound Soul: A Spiritual Memoir for Personal Transformation and Enlightenment

March 1, 2018

Any reader who likes to contemplate and seek the ultimate truth will not turn away from this book once he or she picks it up!

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